For perennially happy plants

Perennials are the sleeping beauties of the plant world: slumbering through winter then springing into action come spring. And with 12 months of growing to do in just 9 months, it’s little wonder that perennials need some extra oomph to see them through their slumber. Enter Tully’s Perennial, which is rich in high quality organic humus for fantastic drainage, and a magical wetting agent for water retention. Perhaps best of all, Tully’s Perennial contains a controlled release fertiliser. This gives plants the boost they need in spring and releases regular dollops of nutritious tucker throughout the summer growing season, leaving ample food for winter storage. The result? Lush vegetation, increased flower production and fabulous growth ... for happily ever after perennials without a handsome prince in sight.

How to use Tully's Perennial

  1. Immerse your plant in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop rising.
  2. Fill your garden beds or containers with Tully' Perennial.
  3. Remove your perennials from their pots and nestle snugly into the blend, making sure you firm Tully's Perennial around the plants.
  4. If planting in pots, leave a 3cm space at the top to allow for watering.
  5. Water plants thoroughly.
  6. Add Tully's "Pretty Perennial Tucker" to plants in spring and autumn to give them an extra boost!
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