It's said that good things take time. It's also said that all a plant needs to thrive is water, sunshine and some ruddy good compost. We have you covered - well, mostly covered, we're still working on a weather machine. Tully's Compost is the savvy gardeners' secret weapon for really quite ravishing plants, containing zero weed seeds or harmful pathogens that might upset the delicate ecosystem of your beloved backyard. Tully's Compost is aged like a fine vintage wine to ensure that it is packed with only the healthiest organisms. Just top up your garden with Tully's Compost come spring or autumn to replace lost organic matter; improve soil structure; maintain moisture levels and make local worms and grubs deliriously happy.

How to use Tully's Compost:

  1. Top up your garden beds with at least 50mm of Tully's Compost.
  2. Rather than planting directly into compost, dig Tully's Compost into your garden beds to achieve a good mix with existing soil.
  3. Tully's Compost should be added to your garden beds each spring for tip-top results.
  4. Add Tully's Tucker to plants in both spring and autumn to give them a little extra boost!
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