Our 100% organic potting mix puts the hip back into hippy, sending little seeds - and budding young cuttings - safely on their way to perfect health and happiness. Containing only natural ingredients, with absolutely no chemical nasties, Tully's Organic takes the very best of what Mother Nature has to offer and gives her a little helping hand. Simply plant your seedlings in Tully's Organic before replanting them in Tully's Perfect Potting as they mature. Or add Tully's Organic to existing garden beds to boost soil structure, nutrition and quality for beautifully bonny plants. Tully's Organic is also gorgeously fluffy and lightweight for ease of use, making it a gardening Godsend for pots and containers that won't break your back. Altogether now: breathe...

How to use Tully's Organic:

  1. Immerse your plant in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop rising.
  2. Fill, or top up your garden beds or containers with Tully's Organic.
  3. Nestle your plants, seeds or seedlings snugly into the blend, making sure you firm Tully's Organic around the plants.
  4. If planting in pots, leave a 3cm space at the top to allow for watering.
  5. Water plants thoroughly.
  6. Add Tully's 'Garden General' Tucker to plants in both spring and autumn to give them a little extra boost!
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