If your mum ever told you that you need to eat your veggies to grow big and strong then you may have found yourself wondering what veggies eat to make them big and strong. The answer, of course, is Tully's Veg Vigour. Salad crops and vegetables need their greens too, but in the form of a nutrient-packed superfood designed to make them as fit and flavoursome as humanly possible. So if you want to give your veggies a little extra love just dig Tully's Veg Vigour into your garden before planting new crops. Your veggies will return the favour by growing quick-smart, tasting truly tantalising and providing you with all of the nutrients that you need to grow big and strong. Which is kind of lovely if you think about it.

How to use Tully's Veg Vigour

  1. Dig Tully's Veg Vigour into your veggie garden or garden containers before planting. We recommend using one handful of Tucker per square metre of garden.
  2. Alternatively, lightly sprinkle Tully's Veg Vigour onto soil near newly planted seedlings.
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