Make other kitchen gardeners green with envy with Tully's Kitchen Garden, a recipe for enviably healthy herbs and über scrumptious salad greens. Kitchen Garden is an all-natural mixture of organic ingredients lovingly blended in the spirit of the classic John Innes mix. It combines nutrient-packed worm castings with humus and top quality New Zealand peat for great aeration and drainage. Simply fill your garden beds or veggie patch with this luscious mix before planting for taste-the-difference crops. Or combine with Tully's Veg Vigour to give your edible garden a little extra va-va-voom! If you've already filled your garden beds, just top up with Tully's Kitchen Garden before planting them for really quite ravishing results. So release your inner chef, get your green fingers on and sow the seeds of a garden fit for a true gourmand! Your taste buds will thank you.

How to use Tully's Kitchen Garden:

  1. Immerse your plant in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop rising.
  2. Fill your garden beds or veggie containers with Tully's Kitchen Garden.
  3. Nestle your plants, seeds, or seedlings snugly into the blend, making sure you firm Tully's Kitchen Garden around the plants.
  4. If planting in pots, leave a 3cm space at the top to allow for watering.
  5. Water plants thoroughly.
  6. Add Tully's 'Veg Vigour' Tucker to plants to give them a little extra boost!
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