A whopping 95% of the millions of happy plants we grow in our nursery each year are planted in this outstanding one-size-fits-all potting mix, which is fab for everything from housebound pot plants to topping up your garden beds. Dig Tully's Perfect Potting into existing gardens before planting vegetables, flowers or shrubs and sit back and relish the results! Containing a blend of naturally occurring ingredients to nourish and nurture - with a canny little kick from science - this perennially powerful potting mix is packed with quality peat for water and nutrient retention, composted bark, plus volcanically derived ingredients for all-important added space and oxygen. Which adds up to one wondrous thing: terrifically healthy plants come rain, hail or shine some 365 days a year.

How to use Tully's Perfect Potting

  1. Immerse your plant in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop rising.
  2. Fill your container with Tully's Perfect Potting.
  3. Nestle your plant snugly into the blend, making sure you firm Tully's Perfect Potting around the plant.
  4. Leave a 3cm space at the top of the container to allow for watering.
  5. Thoroughly water your freshly potted plant.
  6. Add Tully's 'Garden General' Tucker to plants in both spring and autumn to give them a little extra boost!
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