Much like us people, plants are what they eat, and Tully's Garden General is just the tucker your plants need to really, truly thrive. Like any good kai, this simply brilliant mix works overtime to nourish your garden's physical health, creating plants that are full of vim and vigour! Tully's Garden General is also a bit of a soul food, promoting plant flowering and helping to create positive plant life balance. This nutritious mix is bursting with all of the goodies you need for palpably healthy plants. Just add this bona fide plant superfood to your garden on a regular basis to boost and bolster plant growth. Et voila! Wonderfully well fed, gorgeously healthy plants with zero fuss. Just don't be surprised if they ask for seconds!

How to use Tully's Garden General:

  1. Sprinkle Tully's Garden General around the base of plants, allowing roughly half a handful of Tucker for each adult shrub.
  2. Use Tully's Garden General in spring and autumn for optimal results!
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